Thursday, November 13, 2014

Forgiveness! Why is so important?

Forgiveness is for us, not the other person.  What ever it is that you believe the other person did to hurt you, piss you off, etc. Was not even about you... It is about what is going on with themselves at that time. 
We perceive the action as a personal attack on us, and even if that is what the others person intention was. It still is not about us. It is about there view point, there way of being, there actions. 

All we can do is forgive them, they are only human, and as humans we make a mistake. When you where learning how to walk and you fell down, Did your parents yell and scream at you tell you what a looser you where? Of course not, they said oh, lets try again.. We all fall down, and sometimes we need help getting back up.. 

When you hold on to anger and resentment it does havoc on your body.. Think of a snake.. It is not the bite of the snake that kills you, it is the venom running through your veins to your heart that kills you.. It is the same with hate, anger and resentment it is just like Venom going to your heart. 

Every single time you think about it, you play it over and over again in your mind. Giving your body and your emotions those same feelings. 
Letting go and forgiving is always about ourselves. Because we are releasing those toxins.. Just because you forgive someone does not mean you are condoning there behavior, It just means you not holding on to it anymore. 

We all come from different back grounds, we all have our own experiences. We are not always going to agree with each other. So instead of getting all upset over it, Just accept that other peoples reality will always be slightly or abundantly different then yours... 


Michelle Watson

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Magic & Time

If you want to get the best of the universe it is important to harness the right time of year to the right time of the day.
When using Magik it is important that you use the energies correctly.  The energies are pulled from the season, day of the week the time of day and the moon cycle. There is a lot to think about when using Magik, it is not just random.

Days of the week

Monday.. are best used for Intuitive spells, because Monday is ruled by the moon.

Tuesday... Active spells Tuesday is ruled by the warrior god Tew.

Wednesday... Communication spells, are best done on Wednesday, Ruled by the god (Odin)

Thursday....Travel and Protection. Ruled by Thor

Friday... Love spells, ruled by Frea

Saturday.... Financial spells this is ruled by the planet Saturn

Sunday... Health and prosperity of course Sunday is ruled by the Sun!!!

Length of a spell

* A fast burning candle brings a quick conclusion
* A slow burning candle releases Magikal energy long after it has expired.
* Burning a wish frees energy instantly, while burying it releases energy over a long period.


* Spring is the time of new growth, so plant magikal seeds that will grow into your wishes. (here is a great site....

*Summer this is the time when the sun is hottest and use this to concentrate on Success, Prosperity and health.

*Fall This is harvest time for Magik, so perform spells that resolve issues.

*Winter this is the dormant time of the year. use this time to release negative influences.

Tine of Day

*Dawn  Inspiration and new beginnings. 

*Noon Power and Passion focusing on Courage, health and sexuality

* Sunset  love Magik, spells that balance your emotions and intuition. 

*Night  Use this time to work on concerns and banish your fears. 

Special festivals 

Traditional Festivals celebrated today such as Easter and Christmas are rooted in pagan customs that connected the energies of this time of year. 
* Easter This is the perfect time for Wish magic- Hold a chocolate make a wish and then eat it.
* Candle Magik  This is most effective on Feb 1st. Know in Wicca as candle mass or imbolc. 

Phases of the moon

*The new Moon  Initiates beginnings. New house or relationship, etc. 
*The Waxing Moon This charges things and make them grow, A spell to improve your finances or health. 
*The full Moon This can manifest big changes in your life, Like career, relationships. etc. This is when the Moon is the strongest
*The Wanning Moon  At this time of the moon phase you want to practice Magik that helps you shrink parts of your life you do not want. Like debt, or unhappy relationships 

So there it is, Time and Magik and how they work together. Magik is easy it is in every day life if you just stop and notice.... The changing of the seasons is Magikal if you slow down long enough to notice it.... 

Until next time 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Energy Healing
What is Energy healing?
As we know EVERYTHING is 99.9999% energy. Just like blood runs threw your veins. You have meridians and energy channels through your body. If you energy becomes stagnate or blocked. It can cause havic in your body.... Disease can even come from blocked energy.  Energy must be free flowing all the time.

We not only have to take care of our energy channels, (meridians) we also must take care of the 7 core Chakras. I will use a car analogy for this.... your chakras are what keep you going.. just like a car has a motor, carburetor, battery, etc. If one of these components are not working correctly this causes the Car, to not run, correctly. This will do the same to your body if your Chakras are not running as they should.

There are many forms of Energy Healing the most popular being Reiki.
I like Chios Energy Healing. This is what I have been trained in.

When a chios therapist does work on you, They are not only looking at the chakras they are also looking at the Aura field this goes up to 7 layers. There are many thing a chios therapist is looking for..
 Tears and leaks. Tears are big tears in the aura field. (imagine a big tear in a curtain)
Leaks are leaks from the joints. (imagine a bicycle tire leak)
They are also looking at the color, speed, motion, of each chakra and aura field.
There is a lot going on with the practitioner as they are healing your energy.
As for the patient you just lay there and relax.
Many people can feel things moving in there body as the practitioner is working on them. Others do not feel anything for a few hours or days.

In my opinion Regular Energy therapy is just as important and regular check up or massage... This should be done at least once every 3 months. or monthly..

Until next week.. Keep your energy up..

Michelle Watson

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love & Compassion

Love & Compassion Can we have this for all?
Unconditional love is loving without conditions on it. This is my favorite one.. I love you because you are my son's wife, nephew's wife, brother cousin.. Etc. LOL.  I think the closest thing we can come to in describing unconditional love is our children and our parents. So How do we find that same love for all of man kind?

In my experience it has to do with compassion. I do my best to love every single person for the simple fact that they are part of me.. back to Energy.. Every thing is 99.9999999% energy so that means we are all connected. So to have anything other than love for a person means I am not loving myself.

This is not to say that people do things that I personally think are not great ideas. However I am sure I do things that people don't agree with.. For instance I do not think the words shit and ass are by any means potty mouth words. However I feel that stupid, re tart and hate are.. So yes, my children are not disciplined when they say shit and ass. However they are when the say those other words. Most people do not agree with me. Does that make what I do wrong? yep, in some peoples reality.. In mine no, it does not.

So the other day I am dropping my daughter off at school, it is October in Utah so that means it could be 40♦ degrees or 105♦ degrees.. This Particular morning it  was around 58♦  As I am walking back to my car I notice a mother walking with her daughter, this lil girl had to be about 2 maybe 3 she had no shoes or socks on her little feet, That ground was cold.  My first reaction judge, judge, judge... oh my god what kind of a mother are you that you could not take 2 min and put some shoes on her feet. The least you can do is carry her.
So after about a minute of condemning this woman to hell in my mind. I start to think who knows what is going on in her life, maybe she is fighting with her husband, or her mom just died. The little girl refused to put on shoes and she just could not deal with it, So she was picking her battles. I have no idea what was going on to let this happen. This is where my compassion came in. I stopped and I thought then the judging went away and then came the love...

We really have no idea what is going on each others lives at all. So judging someone is really just you judging yourself.. Maybe nothing was going on and she just felt it was ok for her child to wear no shoes. Just like I am fine with my child saying ass and shit.. There is no wrong and right. there is only what is wrong and right for you.. So allow other people to live there lives as they choose.. Have compassion and love for them anyway..


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We are all the same

We are all the same!
What does that statement mean to you?
For me, it says so much in such a little sentence.
Many of us have different skin color, hair color, eyes. We have different religious believes and Political believes.
But we are all the same.. There was a story told to me years ago. I am going to share that with you.  A mother and her daughter where making dinner one night, the daughter looks at the mother and asked... Why do you cut the ends of your roast? the mother said.. because grandma did, you should ask grandma.  So, she asked her grandma. Her grandma replied.... I do not know why I did it because my mother did it, So ask your great grandmother. So,  she did.. Her great Grandmother said.... because you  see dear when we where in the holocaust our pans where not large enough for the roast, so we had to cut the ends off to make the roast fit.

So the moral of this story is that we do things unconsciously because that is what we where taught. The same goes for are way of being, our thoughts, our believes, Etc.
We are also very individual. We look different, we act different we all have different emotions, experiences. etc. NO 2 people will ever be exactly a like, Because every one has different experiences with different emotions, thoughts, etc.

So Then if we are all different? How are we the same? We are all Human experiencing this world the same.
you have your struggles, you have your good times. You have times when your angry, sad, happy, lonely, confused. Etc.
 I for example have struggled with money my entire life, but not in the same way Donald Trump has struggled with money..
I have had Relationship trouble not the same way Elizabeth Taylor has.. I hope you can see where I am going with this.

We are all the same, We are just having different experiences and realities.  When we can actually wrap our heads around this. We make room for Compassion.
This is where we start to see something really big..

I hope the next time you are in traffic or in a line and something or someone is holding you up... you Stop and remember they are going through something. How would I feel If I was the one causing this and some body was upset with me? Make room for compassion, It really will go a long way.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dry skin brushing and oil massage.

As you age, your skin takes longer to renew itself. Hence why older skin will look dull. When you Exfoliate you speed up the renewal process.
The best time to do this is before you shower. By dry brushing you are preparing your skin to absorb.
When you are doing your dry skin Brushing. Make sure you are always moving in an upward motion toward the heart. This is because it moves the lymphatics back towards the heart. Otherwise it could be pressure on the closed valves in the vein..

Next you will take 5 minutes and give your self a massage with warm oil.. (Coconut or sesame) I like Coconut oil my self.   just take a small amount and heat it up.. I have a bottle of liquid coconut oil I just put it in the sink with hot water for about 5 min before I start.

You will want to put the oil on your face and head, massaging as you rub it in with even pressure. . Moving to your neck, chest, then your arms. from wrist up,  rub it in your tummy clock wise direction ( same direction as the digestive system)  hips, butt, legs from feet up... Really work your feet. Most people do not pay enough attention to there feet.  The entire massage should take no more than 5 minutes. Then get in the shower.
Try to only use soap on the private parts, under arms, etc.  letting the oil sit is a powerful thing....

Let me explain the benefits of all this.
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin to fell soft and glowing. This stimulates lymph flow, circulation. As well as oxygenates the skin and it speeds up the process of eliminating toxins from the system. In turn it improves skin tone and reduces cellulite and fat deposits...

As for the Oil massage this is called abhyanga massage it is an Ayurveda method.

  • Increase in circulation
  • Toning of muscles and the entire physiology 
  • Softer smoother skin
  • Clears Detoxes from system
  • Calms the nerves
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Increases your energy 
  • Increases mental awareness
  • Better sleep at night

 If you choose to use Sesame oil, use cold pressed or chemical free organic

So every day dry brush your skin. with a loo-fa, then proceed to do the Ayurvdic massage..

Until next week... Enjoy your massages..

Michelle Watson

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Herbal Remedies to ease a hangover
 Hangovers... I have had my fair share of these nasty lil buggers. I have noticed they last a lot longer the older I get. Probably why I do not get drunk anymore.
So What is a hangover? a Hangover is nothing more than your body telling you not to abuse it.
You listening to your body is up to you..

Drinking a lot of Alcohol will speed up your urination because your body is trying to get rid of all the toxins. This causing you to be dehydrated... Dehydration causes headaches. insomnia, irritability, dry mouth.
One of the easiest ways to eliminate this issue is to drink in moderation.. However I understand getting your party on is also sometimes very fun.. So I would suggest for every drink of alcohol you have, have a glass of water. So if you are drinking beer have a beer and then have a glass of water. Beer, Water, Beer, Water. etc.

Because your body has also lost salt's These will need to be replenished before the water will do any good.
a few ways to do this is
Dandelion make a dandelion tea or chop it up and eat it in a salad. This is a natural detoxifer and diuretic.

Bananas have a banana when you wake up or add it to some cereal.

Saltine Crackers this is better than nothing.

Chamomile  tea will sooth headaches, and indigestion. use some honey to sweeten it

Fennel tea, will ease nausea and indigestion (do not use if you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy)

Juniper (what gin is made from) the hair of the dog as they say. sip a small glass of gin and tonic with a splash of lemon and honey.

Lime add some lime to water or sip some lime juice. this will restore your energy and help with your digestion.

Lemon this will help with your mind, when you feel a little fuzzy. Add lemon to your water, or sip lemon juice.

Milk Thistle this will protect the liver from damage caused by too much alcohol the flower heads can be made into tea or eaten chopped up in a salad.

Peppermint will ease headaches, indigestion, and nausea drink of cup of peppermint tea or chew on fresh peppermint leaf (avoid if pregnant)

Rosemary helps to relieve upset stomach, for hangover related stomach aches. use it in your bath, or inhale it. or to garnish your food.

Your Essential Hangover Oils.
2 drops fennel
3 drops juniper
2 drops rosemary
2 drops rose
2 drops grapefruit

place in a bowl of steaming water, put towel over head and inhale.
Alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy